How To Know If a Lead Is Going Well

How To Know If a Lead Is Going Well

You can figure out if the Lead is going well based on criteria. This blog will explain this criterion; it may not fit perfectly with every client. However, some of the clients will check a few of these conditions, and you would be able to gauge if the client is worth more effort or not.

Client Eager to Tell You About Their Goals

Your client will be very eager to discuss their business and personal goals. If that happens, it is a good sign, and you should pay attention when they are talking. It would help if you used empathy to your advantage so you can guide them in how your products and services will help them achieve their goals more effectively or efficiently. It may require you to go above and beyond your offerings, but you will certainly get more business if you pay attention. If satisfied, they will do word-of-mouth advertising for you and your business. This will generate better revenues and help the company grow.

Your Client Asks You Engaging Questions

There are multiple ways to gauge if the questions are engaging or not. They might actively seek your advice after describing their position. They can ask open-ended questions and some follow-up questions.

The client seeks your advice.

If they ask for your advice and tell you in detail about their position, it is a good indicator that the client is interested and your Lead is going well. If this happens, try to have the most ethical view and disclose any conflict of interest. This will ensure that they trust you. They will be more likely to do business with you, and it will help you close the deals. Try to appeal to their goals and interests and inform them about your role in achieving these goals.

The client asks you open-ended questions.

If they ask open-ended questions, it means that they are looking for answers beyond yes or no. If this happens, make sure you take your time and explain yourself thoroughly. Be careful not to get carried away and talk endlessly. It is always better to speak less than necessary to create more engagement and ask more questions.

The client asks you follow-up questions.

If your client is asking follow-up questions to your explanations, it is a good sign, and it means that they are engaged and your Lead is going very well. On the other hand, if your client is not paying attention, you need to change your strategy and get them more involved.

The Body Language Indicates Interest

Body language can indicate many things about a person, and you can use it to your advantage. It can help you gauge the interest of your clients. This is only going to work in the case of face-to-face meetings.

Eye Contact

They will have firm eye contact, which means they are attentive about what you have to say. Make sure to have confident eye contact with them to feel that you are also providing them with great attention.

Lean In

Your clients will lean towards you if they are very engaged in the conversation. Try to make sure that you are articulating your discussion very well. So they understand you correctly. Make sure to have a confident and calm tone of voice.

A glance at their feet

When a client is sitting across from you or beside you, glance at their feet; if their feet point towards you, it is also a telltale sign that they are interested in the conversation and are not ready to leave. If the client has their feet pointed away to you or, worse, pointed towards the door, they subconsciously want to leave the conversation.

No fidgeting

If your client is calm and collected and does not constantly check on his mobile phone, it is an excellent sign, and it means that your client is very engaged in what you have to say.

Your Client Can Retain the Information

If your client can understand and retain the information you are conveying to them, it is a good indicator, and your Lead is going very well. They may ask you to go over certain aspects again to fully understand the information you convey. It means that your client believes that your information is valuable and advantageous to them. If this happens, it means they are putting in the effort to understand you fully, and you are very likely to close the deal.


To summarize everything, there are a few key factors to look at whenever you are unsure if your Lead is going well or not. You can quickly tell by:

  • Looking at the eagerness of clients to tell you about their goals
  • Checking if your client is asking you engaging questions
  • Their body language indicates interest
  • Your client is putting efforts to retain the information