How To Get the Best Medicare Leads

how to get leads for Medicare

In recent years, many Baby Boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964) are entering the eligibility criteria for Medicare. The large population of Baby Boomers in America is expanding the Medicare market, giving countless opportunities to insurance agents and companies. According to a report, about 10 thousand Americans reach the eligibility criteria every day. We have various effective plans and the ability that helps you get exclusive Medicare leads. Based on factual data like income level, age, and marital status, we figure out what kind of plan the prospect would be interested in. 

Our essential strategies help insurance agents generate high-performing leads. In addition, we also help enhance their response rate. 

After the enactment of Medicare for All, the prospects looking for Medicare services have increased significantly. It enhances the chances of insurers to obtain exclusive leads. 

As independent brokers or agents, you can trust us with giving leads because we ensure that our leads are exclusive and the best. Additionally, we introduce you to the people who show deep interest in obtaining medical insurance through Medicare. 


Here are some of the productive ways to get the best medicare leads: 

1. Staying Up-to-Date

When working in the Medicare industry, you must know that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) ‘s Medicare regulatory committee frequently announces new rules and regulations. But, it’s challenging for insurance agents and brokers to stay up to date on the new policies. However, you must ensure that your ads accord with the new CMS policies to carry out successful advertising campaigns. 

Therefore, we pay extra attention to stay updated with new announcements and changes to confirm that you’re advertising with the correct information. We provide our customers with the best tools that perfectly follow the guidelines issued by the CMS, so they work unhindered without facing complaints from the CMS and fellow regulatory committees. 

We constantly work to help you generate exclusive medicare leads without compromising the CMS’s newly announced rules and regulations.


2. Enrollment periods 

Every year, figuring out the enrollment periods can be stressful, especially with the bulk of confusing guidelines issued by the CMS. But fortunately, we have all the information on the dos and don’ts of each enrollment period. We help you benefit from the crucial available resources and develop efficient marketing strategies. To get insightful information on the Medicare enrollment periods, contact us at 


3. Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans or DSNP 

People who need support for extra health care expenses and qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid Services are eligible for the Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans. The State is in charge of determining the services to be given. Most of the time, the DSNP includes:

  • Less or no-cost monthly premiums.
  • Coverage for hearing and vision.
  • Gym membership.
  • Over-the-counter benefits.
  • Transportation service to and from medical appointments. 

Many reasons explain why Medicare agents specifically target DSNP eligible prospects. One of them is that maybe they want DSNP eligible seniors to acquire the Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans to help improve the quality of their lives. At the same time, many misunderstandings in the Medicare industry avert many insurance agents. 

We have guided many agents in utilizing the right tactics to make sales of DSNP’s. The DSNP industry is relatively simpler than other health-related coverages because the potential lead doesn’t have to worry about the premiums because they are so low. In addition, a DSNP eligible senior isn’t concerned about paying the fees for your services as well.