How To Get Medicare Leads?

How To Get Medicare Leads

The mainstream challenge for private insurance agents and companies is getting Medicare leads. As calculated, there will be around 81.5 million medicare enrollments by 2023, so the Medicare industry is a profitable business. Meanwhile, independent insurers are popping up everywhere in large numbers, making it difficult to get exclusive Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Turning 65 leads. 

This competition in the Medicare market is getting tough day by day. But don’t worry! We have put together a list of efficient ways that explains how to get Medicare leads. Take a look at them: 

1. Direct mail

Now, you can achieve your set target of getting exclusive medicare leads by direct mail. As time passes, the cost for direct mail is significantly increasing. But at the same time, the right direct mail marketing produces creative and promising results. 

It is also necessary to provide them with your contact information so that when they convert, they can reach out to you without struggling much. 

2. Internet leads 

Another way of generating Medicare leads is through the internet. You can do it by setting up a quote request or an appointment scheduling form. Most insurance agents prefer internet leads among all the lead-generating methods because such Medicare leads are exclusive to them only. It also serves a function in connecting the prospect with the insurer. Receiving real-time leads allows the agents to discuss the prospect’s request and give them further details on the plans and offers. 

3. Social media

Running social media programs on platforms like Facebook helps private insurance agents or companies to reach their targeted audience. For this purpose, it is necessary to start a business page and weekly post about your offers and relevant information. Having custom ads and landing pages also helps generate exclusive Medicare leads. With our social media program, you have dominant control over the budget you invest in the strategy. In addition, it also enables insurers to gain recognition and grow. 

4. Campaigns/Events 

Now, you can interact with prospects in real-time through events and campaigns. Our team helps you get medicare leads within your community. Anything from online to offline events, we have it all here! However, you should learn what works the best for you and become the center of the Medicare market in your community.