How to Generate Your Own Medicare Leads?

How to Generate Your Own Medicare Leads?

As time passes, many baby boomers, individuals born between 1946 and 1964, are turning 65. It makes them eligible for receiving Medicare and Medicaid Services. This time is golden for finding boundless opportunities to enhance your close rate and generate your own Medicare leads. For this purpose, you can rely on our lead generation strategies and outdo other independent agents. As the Medicare industry blooms, many agents actively look for leads and even purchase leads. However, with our proven successful methods, you can be prominent among all the insurance agents. 

Here are some ways to generate your own Medicare leads: 

1. Specify your products

Depending on your product’s type, you will have to face rules and restrictions. For example, when dealing with Medicare Supplements or turning 65 leads, you face relatively fewer limitations. But, if you are selling Medicare Advantage plans, there are more restrictions. Therefore, it’s necessary to learn what products you’re interested in so you can understand marketing and take further steps. 

2. Understand your target audience 

If your primary target is a 63-64 years old individual, then it’s suggested to make marketing efforts earlier. Reach out to the potential leads and plant the seed of need. On the other hand, do you want to target 65-year-old individuals? Pre-determining your targets results in high performance and an enhanced lead generation rate. Once you’ve done this, it’s now time for you to make a list of prospects. For this purpose, you can search for your business’s “lost leads” or look into the families and spouses of your previous clients eligible for Medicare. 

3. Establish an informative website 

One of the most effortless ways of getting exclusive Medicare leads is by building an informative and branded website. Presenting yourself as an experienced agent will help build trust among the customers. In addition, a website plays a role in learning the interests and information of the prospects. But before posting your website on the internet, make sure to check with your FMO for suggestions. It will guide you in staying on the top. 

4. Telemarketing 

An insurance agent is always short of time, making it impossible to stay updated on each lead and learn if they are ready to initiate taking up the service. That’s why hiring a telemarketing crew and giving them a script will save you a lot of time. Meanwhile, you can work on marketing strategies and enhance the closing rate! In addition, these workers will arrange meetings with the prospects once the lead qualifies. They will reduce your workload by many folds, but make sure they are reliable and don’t provide clients with any Medicare plan info. Only certified insurers can discuss and suggest plan information. 

5. Set appointments

You can assign your workers to arrange live meetings or transfer phone calls with the potential lead when they qualify. This time is crucial, so you have to show up and finalize the enrollments and other practices to convert your prospect into a client. You also have to educate your telemarketers on communicating with the professional language. For this purpose, it will be beneficial to contact your Regional Sales Director and get guidance from the Compliance Board on pre-qualified script language to employ when communicating during the qualification process. 

6. Keep a record of your sales. 

Keep a book record of the sales you’ve made in the past and your future sales as well. This record with business contacts will help you generate leads and sell your other products to existing clients. Consider using a CRM, an efficient sales tool, because it helps store accurate and updated records of your clients and prospective customers. When you convert a prospect to your client, it becomes your client forever if you keep an interactive relationship with them while practicing retention strategies. Clients from the past help generate referral sales from their family or friends, further expanding your referral business.