5 Tips on How to Ease Tension With Medicare Beneficiaries During Times of Uncertainty

Medicare Beneficiary

The covid 19 has drastically altered our lives. This pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty, and many senior citizens feel stress and loneliness. Although the uncertainty may continue for an extended period, senior citizens may reach out to other people in these difficult times. It is time for you to ease their tension regarding their concerns about healthcare coverage. They may have many questions, and you can play your part to alleviate some of the tension they might be facing. You need to take a proactive approach to utilize our five tips on easing the tension with a medicare beneficiaries during times of uncertainty.

Tip no.1: Check-in on the senior citizens

The covid 19 pandemic has limited senior citizens’ interaction with the outside world. They are the highest risk patients in this pandemic, which has created many issues. Checking on senior citizens will help those in forced isolation, struggling with loneliness. A study by KFF found that older adults aged 65 and beyond report worry and stress from Coronavirus, which negatively impacts their mental health.

Do check in with your clients during these times of uncertainty. You can do so with an email, phone call, or a written letter. This will go a long way, and seniors will be reassured during these uncertain times. This will help your clients ease the tension, and it will certainly help strengthen your relationship with your clients. Here is a list of a few examples you can utilize to reach out to your clients, and it will take only a few minutes to do so.

  • Create a personalized email to reassure them.
  • Send them a light-hearted email, something which is not very formal.
  • Send them a thoughtful handwritten note
  • Give them a phone call

Tip no.2 Stay informed about the current events unfolding.

You should be aware of the Coronavirus events and how they may affect your clients.You need to understand and ease any clients’ concerns regarding the persisting pandemic. You should also be knowledgeable about how all the current events and pandemics relate to Medicare coverage of your clients. Your clients can likely have queries pertaining to Coronavirus. Here is a list of examples of some frequently asked questions pertaining to Covid 19.

  • Are there any changes in Medicare enrollment in response to covid 19?
  • Is Medicare going to cover all the costs relating to covid 19 testing and treatments?
  • Are telehealth appointments covered under Medicare?
  • Would Medicare cover any expenses of coronavirus vaccines?
  • Is Medicare going to cover the long-term costs associated with positive diagnoses of Coronavirus?

Tip number 3: Go online

With increasing government regulations, your business must take its operations online. Several states are prohibiting in-person events. This is causing the senior citizens to be wary of public interaction. Try to do your best in utilizing all the communication tools in this era of uncertainty. You can use different modes of communication, such as Facebook and YouTube. You can use these popular social media platforms to hold weekly virtual meetups and discuss anything you deem necessary.

Try to post some light-hearted content as it is often said that laughter is the best form of medicine. If you can make your clients have a good chuckle in the wake of all these worries and uncertainties, your clients will feel more connected to you. It will help them ease their fears, and you will be providing valuable information. Here is a list of examples you can utilize to share light-hearted content.

  • Fun cartoons
  • Recipes of any comfort foods
  • Videos and pictures of cute animals
  • Videos and pictures of DIY or simple crafts

Tip number 4: Show some positivity

It would be best to remain positive in these uncertain times as it will help your clients ease any tensions they may be facing due to Coronavirus. Your tone of voice should be very positive when communicating with your Medicare beneficiaries. Try to spread positivity, and it will help the mental health of your clients and yours as well. There are several benefits associated with positivity, for example.

  • Improvement in a Life span
  • Decrease in the rates of depression
  • Drop in the level of distress
  • Improvement in psychological and physiological well-being
  • Healthier coping mechanisms in times of stress and hardships.

Tip number 5: Prepare for AEP

AEP will allow Medicare beneficiaries to change their health coverage and enroll in Medicare. You should prepare for a hectic season, so make sure to go over all the aspects and have a plan ready.