11 Medicare Leads Generation Tactics

Medicare Leads Generation Tactics

As you know, the Medicare industry is expanding rapidly as many new insurers are starting business everywhere, which makes it hard to generate exclusive Medicare leads. Therefore, we have a specialty in providing insurance agents with medicare leads through digital marketing and effective lead generation strategies. 

This guide allows insurance agents and companies to learn the 11 Medicare lead generation topics other than the Open Enrollment. 

11 Best Ways to Generate Medicare Leads 

Here are the top 11 ways that generate exclusive and the best Medicare leads: 

  1. Live Transfer Medicare Leads 

The most effective way of getting Medicare leads is live transfer because the leads are exclusive to you only, and this way directs to low CPA and high closing rate. Transfer of leads in real-time enhances the insurer’s capabilities and helps them concentrate on the sales-driven part. 

Only pre-qualified people who show deep interest get transferred to the insurance agent, which improves the chances of securing the lead. Critical conditions like cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc., are examined in the pre-qualifying process. 

These Medicare leads are valuable in the market as many other Medicare insurance companies work with you to enhance calls, conditions, efficiency, and quality. 

  1. Pay Per Call Medicare Supplement Leads 

As an insurer, you can pay for a call to get calls from potential Medicare leads. It’s similar to live transfer because you directly interact. However, this method isn’t as productive and informative as the live transfer. You will have to provide factual information and pay for additional phone calls before securing a lead. 

With proper training, you can convert prospects within a matter of seconds! So, prioritize the excellence of the leads that the paid calls generate. 

  1. Using Facebook to Generate Exclusive Leads 

Facebook comes in handy in targeting prospective customers to get Medicare leads. On Facebook, there are thousands of groups and pages devoted to answering elders’ questions related to Medicare and other health-related services. That’s why it’s an incredible way to close a lead. 

Setting up the Facebook ads campaign is another effortless yet yielding way. However, ensure that you target the ideal demographics, or you’ll end up with a bad reputation among people. 

  1. Starting Your Own Website 

One of the most strategic and long-term methods to attract Medicare leads is creating a website and putting out quality content. It serves as a lead drawer and results in emails or other leads. 

When opting for this Medicare lead generation technique, ensure building trust and raising awareness among the prospective customers. It will significantly increase your website’s traffic, and organic leads will generate monthly. 

  1. Organizing Events

Interacting with seniors at related events or campaigns is a conventional yet credible means to get excellent Medicare leads. 

Event ideas that work out: 

  • Targeting fitness and health centers
  • Targeting seniors who are near retirement 
  • Local community sessions 
  • Luncheons for retirement planning 

When conducting such events, ensure that you focus on trust-building and provide educational resources to raise awareness. Moreover, it will result in organic outreach and may even lead to referrals that will rapidly enhance your medicare lead generation rate. 

  1. Direct Mail 

You can efficiently get Medicare leads through direct mails. This way has a relatively higher CPA than the other methods, but it’s an ideal lead gen strategy overall. 

Direct mails derive a high ROI compared to paid ads, especially when combined with efficient lead generation methods. Once again, stay focused on providing insightful and contact information to potential leads. 

  1. Buying Medicare Sales Leads Call Lists 

If creating call lists yourself isn’t workable for you, you can opt for pre-made call lists. It’s less time-consuming and yields profitable results. The CPA is low, but as an insurance agent, you will have to dedicate a significant amount of time to convincing unreliable leads that aren’t entirely eager. 

However, buying medicare sales leads call lists proves to be a productive method if you choose the right provider. 

  1. Generate Leads by Email Marketing 

You can’t entirely rely on this means, but it serves as a decent supplementary lead source. The number of seniors using email has increased significantly since 2000, so it’s possible to land on prospective customers. 

Tactics you should apply when generating leads by email marketing: 

  • Use large fonts
  • Make your website simple to help seniors operate it easily
  • Use target exclusive language and pictures
  • Create target-appropriate follow up landing pages 

You will have a high conversion rate if you apply the above tactics. Like all other means of lead generation, you can only improve your sales rate and CPA with constant optimization. 

  1. Partner Up with Fellow Insurance Agents 

In the insurance industry, it’s common and fruitful to help fellow insurance agents and companies. Creating mutual relationships allows you to generate Medicare leads effortlessly. However, this way of lead gen only works as a supplementary source, not primary. 

Sending medicare leads to other insurers’ way increases your chances of getting recommended by that insurer. It eventually leaves your professional impression that further attracts more referrals. 

  1. Contact Seniors Below 65 

When an individual turns 65, it’s most probable that they have already signed up with an insurance agent or figured out the solution to their problems. 

Therefore, you should give attention to seniors below the age of 65 to generate Medicare leads. 

Reach out to individuals around 60 to 64 years old, and introduce your offers so that they think of you as the sole solution when they become eligible for Medicare services. 

  1. Cold Calling 

Cold calling is an alternate way when you’re low on budget, and the other methods are unworkable for you in generating Medicare leads. 

Few tactics you should apply when cold calling: 

  • Call at peak hours 
  • Establish a cold calling team 
  • Transfer to agents only when the lead shows deep interest 
  • Look into the leads 
  • Buy a calls list from a reliable provider 

You can definitely make cold calling effective and generate excellent medicare leads. It may take some time and effort but yields fruitful results for sure.